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ALU Line
Designed for maximum speed and high stock removal in Aluminium and Softer Alloys
ALU Line
Plunge-mill Line
A combination tool for plunging, slotting and side milling for high volume component manufacturing
Plunge-mill Line
Noviano Line
High Performance tool for complex materials such as Inconel, Hastealloy, Rene, Cast Iron, Steel and Cast Steel, Titanium and High Hardness Stainless Steel
Noviano Line
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16 Sep 2014

AMB Stuttgart
We are pleased to announce that we will be participating once again for the AMB Exhibition on 16th September 2013 till 20 September 2014



30 Aug 2013

Thread Mill
Although endmills are our forte, we have opted to invest our resources and knowledge in developing our all new thread mills line.

AMB Stuttgart

HPMT will be participating AMB Exhibition on 16th September 2014 till 20th September 2014


The line feature all our existing endmills that catered for Mold and Die Industry


Our line consists of Coarse Pitch (M) & Fine Pitch (MF) designs

NiTiCo Micro

This added line of tools suited for applications in industries like dental, medical, semi-conductor & watch components to name a few.

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